dijous, 29 d’octubre de 2015

My Family

  Hello, my name is Xiulin, I'm 10 years old, I have short black hair and small dark eyes, I was born in Ibiza, Spain, but my parents are from China, today I'm wearing a grey coat and a blue scarf.

  I have one brother in China, he's got black hair and big black eyes, like me, he's 20 years old, he he's at the university of Xi An, a small city in China, today he's wearing a black coat and a black scarf.

  My mum's got black long hair and big dark eyes, today she's wearing a grey coat, like me.

  My father's got black short hair and small black eyes, he's a black coat and a black cap.

  I've got a cousin, my cousin Emily, she's 11 years old, she's got brown eyes and brown hair, she likes skirts and dresses, today she's wearing a white and blue dress, she's my cousin, but she's like a sister to me.

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